Buying your dream Porsche evokes many emotions, with a Pre-Purchase Inspection from GCR Central you can take comfort that your lasting memories will not turn into nightmares.

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By instructing GCR Central to carry out a Pre-Purchase Inspection prior to purchase we can go over the car with the insight and knowledge of many years and point out any potential items that could need work or become a problem.

Also if you wish to us to check for additional items such as cylinder leak compression, test head studs on late 70s or early 80s 911’s or any check inspection you require, we will be happy to carry these our for you.


All inspections are carried out at our premises and we can arrange to pick-up and deliver the car to the vendors home or office. Just give us a call and we’d be happy to advise you on our fees.

Our Pre-Purchase Inspections are a fixed fee of £265 plus VAT.

If you’re looking at a Porsche, give GCR a call and turn your potential nightmares into sweet dreams.

Telephone 0116 278 0900 or