Porsche 996 Carrera 2


Really nice car, we have known this car for seven years.

No expense spared, GT3 genuine new front bumper fitted 2018.

09/2013 52,204 Minor Maintenance, Change brake fluid, Fit new rear tyres

09/2013 52,273 Refurbish alloy wheels, Replace AC Condensers

09/2014 54,372 Annual Maintenance, Replace front discs and pads

04/2015 55,285 Minor Maintenance, Coil pack’s cyl 1 and 6

09/2015 55,964 Change brake fluid, Right front lower control arm replace

04/2016 New front tyres

09/2016 57,344 Minor Maintenance, New exhaust silencers and fittings

10/2017 58,369 Minor Maintenance, Replace drive belt, Change brake fluid, Replace Front bumper

09/2018 59,191 Minor Maintenance, Replace sunroof seal, New fuel cap

06/2019 59,540 Replace ignition lock assembly

08/2019 59,679 Annual Maintenance, Repair and re-gas AC

030 Sports suspension

061 Version for Great Britain

071 EU country version

130 Control and indications in English lettering

197 Stronger battery

211 Licence plate holder version 3

219 Differential

271 Door mirror -aspherical- driver’s side,electrically adjustable and heatable

273 Door mirrors,electrically adjustable and heatable

274 Vanity mirror illuminated

321 Radio “Porsche CR 22”

335 Automatic seat belt, 3-point,rear

338 Rear-wheel drive

375 Sports seat, backrest shell, left

376 Sports seat, backrest shell, right

411 18-inch Carrera wheel

421 Front cassette compartment

425 Rear window wiper

436 3-spoke airbag steering wheel

441 radiopreinstallation

446 Concave wheel centerswith full-colour Porsche Crest

466 Rear foglamp, right

480 6-speed manual transmission

492 Headlamps for left-hand traffic

534 Theft security system

536 Alarm siren and tilt sensor

539 Mechanical seat-height adjustment, left

540 Mechanical seat-height adjustment, right

562 Airbag, driver’s side and front passenger’s side

563 Side airbag

566 Front fog lights, white

567 Windscreen tinted, upper partdarker coloured

571 Activated charcoal filter

573 Air conditioner

581 Center console, front

602 Center high-mounted stop lamp

620 Electronic accelerator

650 Electrical sliding roof

651 Electric window opener

657 Power steering

659 on-board computer

661 Stricter emission-control concept

685 Rear seats, split

689 Preparation of cd autochanger

936 Seat covers, rear, leather

981 Leather equipment without seat covers

983 Seat covers, front, leather

X70 Door entry guards in stainless steel with logo

X71 Instrument dial painted/Aluminium Look finish

X97 Gear lever knob in aluminium/leather

X98 Handbrake lever in aluminium/leather

XLF Sports exhaust system

XSC Porsche Crest embossed in headrest